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Fees and Surcharges

We know how confusing all the jargon can be and this page aims to try to simplify and decipher the many and varied taxes and surcharges the suppliers charge or pass on to you the consumer.

Vehicle Registration Fee

Also may be reflected as VRRF, VRF or Vehicle Recovery Fee but they are all one and the same. This is a surcharge that charged per day (24 hours) that you hire and it is to recover the costs of registering their vehicles which in some states is substantial. The daily rate varies from state to state and supplier to supplier but will always be shown on your quote.

Airport Surcharge

Also may be reflected as ARF, PLS or Premium Location Surcharge but again all one and the same. This is a surcharge that is charged as a percentage and applies to the whole rental. It is only charged if you pickup at an Airport location and each Airport has a different percentage rate. Your quote will reflect the total airport charge for the details you enter, if you add optional extras such as Excess reduction be prepared for the surcharge to be added to these as well.

Some tips with this surcharge are if at all possible avoid picking up at an airport location, most major cities have off airport depots located within 10 minutes so look up whereis.com.au to find other suburbs to look for. If you pickup off airport but drop back to an airport you are not charged any surcharge. You need to weigh up if catching a taxi will save you money and generally speaking once you are over the 7 day mark it will.

Age Surcharge

If you are over 21 but under 25 you will be charged a daily surcharge by all car hire companies to be allowed to drive their vehicles.

Why? The same reason you are usually charged more on your car insurance premiums, they consider you a bigger risk accident wise due to the amount of experience you have had driving. The surcharge once again will differ but ranges from $13.50 up to $20.00 per day, and will show on your quote.

Note: Hertz will not hire at all to under 25 year old drivers and therefore no availability will come up.

One Way Surcharge

A One Way fee or surcharge is charged by the car hire companies if you pickup in one location and return to a different location. Under some circumstances they allow this free of charge, normally from metropolitan locations to other metropolitan locations and only if over 3 days. Your quote will reflect if there is a fee payable.

Stamp Duty

Stamp duty is a governement tax. It can be reflected simply as -tax- on your quote. Once again it is reflected in your quote but remember it will be added to any optional extras you take out directly at the depot.


GST is General Services Tax and is a Federal Government Tax so it applies to all of New Zealand and it applies to EVERYTHING to do with car hire. Your quote includes GST in each component already.

If you find a tax or surcharge that we have not mentioned and want to clarify please make your booking (we can always cancel if not required) and then please send the reservations department an email from our contact us page.