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Flight Details

If you have selected an Airport Location to pickup your vehicle you will need to enter a VALID flight number in the space provided.

If you are entering a flight number but receiving an error response then leave this field blank and add flight number to comments area.

What is a valid flight number?

You need to enter the one to four digit Airline code followed immediately without spaces with the numerical flight number. i.e. QF397 is a valid Qantas flight number, or DJ206 is a valid Virgin Blue flight number.

Some more examples of Airline codes are:

ZL...Rex Regional
CX...Cathay Pacific
SQ...Singapore Airlines
NZ...Air New Zealand
BA...British Airways
MH...Malaysian Airlines
BI...Royal Brunei

Do I need to enter a flight number?

You only need to enter a flight number if you are arriving by air to collect your vehicle, if you are arriving by air but are not collecting your vehicle immediately then do not enter your flight number.

Why Do I need enter a flight number?

Firstly so the location staff know which terminal you are arriving at i.e. Domestic or International.

If you have entered your correct flight details they can view your flight status on a monitor and they know which terminal you are arriving at and which counter to have your paperwork ready at.

Secondly so if your flight is delayed they will not give your vehicle away.

Normally the locations only hold a vehicle for 2 hours past the booked pickup time, however if they can see your flight has been delayed they will hold your vehicle.

What if I am not flying in?

Just leave the field blank

What if I get an error when entering a valid flight number?

Leave the field blank and enter the flight number into the comments area.